Décor and design are essential in any space, and rattan furniture has become a top choice for designers and homeowners looking for exceptional styles. The furniture is ideal for interior and exterior use, depending on the characteristics that you are looking for. Many types of rattan material are bent and shaped in multiple forms to create suitable pieces of furniture. Generally, rattan is lightweight and durable, but like other natural materials, you need to care for it properly, so it lasts longer. Many people ignore maintenance practices upon purchase, and that’s not what it should be. Here are tips for keeping your light rattan furniture looking new.

Things to do to keep your light rattan furniture as good as new

Rattan can be made into chairs, tables, headboards, etc. If this is your style, Alibaba has a variety of rattan pieces suitable for different spaces. Make sure you pick a piece of rattan furniture that complements your space. With the furniture fully set in your space, don’t just use it and enjoy the comfort and forget about the maintenance. Do the following to keep them looking new.

Clean regularly

Cleaning can be simple dusting or the use of a damp cloth. The construction technique used on rattan pieces allows dust to collect in tiny little spaces, which can be challenging to clean. Using an upholstery brush helps dislodge the dirt, leaving the furniture looking clean. Dusting is suitable once or twice a week, depending on the environmental conditions and how often you use your rattan tables and chairs. Use a damp cloth for thorough cleaning at least once a month or whenever food and drink stains occur.

Always lift the rattan furniture rather than dragging when cleaning

Most furniture pieces in our spaces are never permanently set on the ground. They are therefore prone to moving when cleaning, pulling a chair or table close to you, accidental pushing, etc. Rattan is a natural fiber that, when dragged constantly, can tear or split, especially when you do it with a lot of pressure. Always lift the items rather than dragging them across the floor.

Be cautious of the weather conditions

Rattan furniture is available for indoor and outdoor use. Most pieces kept outside are waterproof but may deteriorate under extreme weather. Being in the sun for long periods can cause color fading, making the furniture look old. It’s best to have them in a shaded area, even if designed for exterior use.

Use pillows and cushions

Cushions and pillows provide support and help distribute weight evenly. Their lack makes the seats bend too much and lose their original shape. You want to keep your seat in a condition similar to when you bought it, so proper support is the best solution.

Bottom line

Rattan furniture has become a must-have for most spaces. The material is eco-friendly, lightweight, durable, and stylish. Proper care is necessary whether the furniture pieces are inside or outside. It helps retain the new appearance and extends their life span. Clean often, avoid dragging chairs and tables and use support on seats to prevent excessive bending.


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