With time, the transformation has been observed in almost everything around us. Gone are the days when big, heavyweight locks were used. Today, much handy, lightweight, and minimal locks are in use. Such locks are found in a variety of types and designs. These are suitable for different kinds of doors, sheds, garages, and padlocks.

The storage door latch makes one of these handy and embedded door locks. Easy to operate and fool-proof enough, they are driven by keys.

This blog post educates you on Stainless Steel Cylinder Lock Latches and their details. Stay tuned!

What is Stainless Steel Cylinder Lock Latch?

Made of stainless steel, a cylinder lock latch is a kind of lock that we can use to lock and unlock a variety of doors. The cylinder latch involves several small components to prompt the locking/unlocking function.

Purpose of Cylinder Lock Hatch

Best for mini warehouse’s corrugated doors, the cylinder lock hatch has other names like Storage unit latch, Roll up door latch, and Storage door latch. It is a perfect fit for square panel corrugated roll-up doors. They are used for mini warehouse doors and self-storage. Serving the locking/unlocking purpose, its presence is valuable in terms of safety and efficacy.


The stainless steel cylinder lock latch is multi-dimensional. Their use is not restricted to a single kind of door only. They are suitable for doors like;

  • Janus Door
  • Betco Door
  • Trac Rite Door
  • DBCI Door
  • Asta Door
  • Provence Door
  • New US Door

The Use Of Stainless Steel On The Cylinder Lock Latch

The cylinder lock latch is treated with stainless steel to protect it against the harmful effects of UV and exposure to salt water. It is because these are the agents responsible for the degradation of the lock latch material. To render the lock strength and longevity, it is made with stainless steel, which is usually not affected by UV and salt water.


  • These lock latches can be quickly rekeyed.
  • Can be set up as a single or double-cylinder lock
  • Facilitates monitoring and access
  • Keep the intruders at a distance
  • Fits the EZ Chateau cylinder lock
  • It has a flush appearance
  • Ensures maximum security and functionality

Stainless Steel Cylinder Door Lock Hatch By Bestardoor

Bestardoor offers top-notch door latches. Efficient and functional, these locks are the best to ensure security. Bestardoor offers a whole kit that includes hasp, backplate, pre-mounted bolts, nut fasteners, and foam plate with the cylinder lock separately sold. The kit is user-friendly and facilitates easy installation.


Look nowhere else if you were hunting options for some durable door latches. The storage cylinder latch by Bestarwood is here to replace the old and inefficient cylinder locks on your doors. You don’t need to worry much about the type of door and lock because these lock latches by Bestarwood suit various doors.

These lock latches ensure maximum safety, keep away intruders, and are long-lasting because stainless steel makes them worth it.


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