The heavy platform the companies and industries use to lift the platform having workers and tools is known as the ariel lift. Occupational health and safety OSHA states that the ariel lifts include articulating boom platforms, ariel ladders, extensible boom platforms or a combination of either of these devices. Not only ariel lifts usage is limited to construction areas or sites, but its versatility also makes it the need of industries too. For functions, farm work or industrial usage, you can know if it is best or not by reading this detailed guide. The major types are the aerial boom lift, scissor lift, telehandler, and ariel ladders. As mentioned by OSHA, vertical towers and articulating bloom platforms are also types of ariel lifts. Depending upon the space, the number of workers and how high you want to go below are the types of ariel lifts. Let’s look at those for a better idea before purchasing an ariel lift.

Ariel ladders

As the name suggests, ariel ladders are attached to a truck. These are operated mechanically and are extendable. It is relatively safe, and laborers or workers can efficiently use it to climb higher places. Ariel ladders are excellent for reaching tall buildings or performing duty at power lines.


Telehandlers are generally used to lift equipment and are not explicitly designed for people.

Scissor lifts

The scissor lifts are like elevated platforms and can only be used up and down. But you can use the platform of it to lift the people too.

Boom lift

This lift can go up to 100 feet of height and lift equipment and people. One of the extra features of this lift is that it can rotate around objects, making it better than other lifts. Boom lifts have an arm that an operator can use to raise the laborer or a worker at heights. The height limit of this lift is far more than any other type of lift. But there is a limitation of carrying the amount of material or equipment and the number of workers. The boom lift is further classified into three lifts. These are a cherry picker, telescopic boom lift and articulating boom lift.

· Articulating boom lift

This lift is best for working in confined, narrow or crowded sites. The joint arm of articulating boom lift can bend in multiple directions.

· Telescopic boom lift

A telescopic boom lift lacks joints as compared to an articulating boom lift. This lift contracts or extends like a telescope in a straight line.

· Cherry picker

As the name suggests, this lift is used in gardens or lawns to pick up fruits and is attached to the truck to do the job.

Ariel lift vs scissor lifts

Ariel lift is mainly used to lift people to those heightened places where it is hard to reach. But the ariel lifts are divided into various categories. The further distribution of ariel lifts is because of the worksite requirements. OSHA has not classified the scissor lift as an ariel lift but mobile lift. However, it depends upon whether there is a need for an ariel or mobile scissor lift.


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